LACC History

The Los Angeles Chess Club was officially established by Sr. Master Mick Bighamian in January 2003 in the West LA area on the exquisite Santa Monica Blvd.

A little background about the owner:

Sr. Life Master Mick Bighamian Chess  Resume

Mick (Left) with 2006 World Chess Olympiad Gold Medalist International Grandmaster Smbat Lputian (Armenia).

I have been playing and teaching chess, as well as directing tournaments for over quarter  of a century:

As a Player

  • I have been on the list of United States Chess Federation’s (USCF) “Top 50 Most Active Players” in the country for several years in the 80’s-90’s.
  • I earned the title of National Master (NM) in 1985.
  • I earned the title of Senior Master (SM) in 1988.
  • I earned the title of Life Senior Master (LSM) in 1989.

As a Coach

I have over 25+ of experience training hundreds of individuals, who have, over the years, been able to compete in, and win National Tournaments. A few have even attained the National Master titles and been able to receive Chess Scholarships from universities.

As a Tournament Director

  • I have directed over 3,000 tournaments since mid-80s.
  • I have achieved the title of The National Tournament Director of the Year for directing most number of tournaments in the country in 1997.
  • ...and finally, I am currently The Highest-rated tournament Director in the country!

As a Lecturer

I have been discussing advanced chess topics at my former club - Houston Chess Club - and then at the LA Chess Club. My lecture quality is highly refined and incorporates a refreshing teaching style that keeps the student interested in the topic – try a complimentary session on us and find out on your own!

I have also been invited to many Chess Exhibitions, Group gatherings, and companies to discuss various chess-related topics; such as:

  • Benefits of Chess For Children and Adults
  • A Brief History of Chess
  • Fundamentals of Chess
  • Advanced Chess Topics
  • World Championship Games Annotations
  • How to Think Outside The Box
  • PTA lecturer

As a Chess Consultant

I have been hired as a ‘Chess Consultant’ for several TV shows and movies such as:

  • Bobby Fischer Live
  • Charlie Wilson’s War
  • Beauty and the Geek
  • Criminal Minds
  • Modern Family

Besides my full-time profession – as a Sr. Internal/External Financial Auditor – I direct tournaments at the LACC on weekends and conduct an Advanced Lecture on Tuesday evenings – exclusively for LACC members.

I also accept select talented individuals as ‘Private Students’.

A few achievements over the years

2009 American Open Quick Championship
1st place (3-way tie)
2009 Chess Coach (National Champ student – age U8&U10)
2008 Chess Coach (National Champ student – age U10)
2003 Team West Amateur Championship 1st place - (U2000)
2002 Chess Coach (National Champ student – age 9-10)
2000 Houston Open 2nd place
1999 Houston Open 2nd place
1997 USCF Tournament Director of the Year 1st place
1996 Houston City Championship 1st place
1994 National Team Championship (Team South) 2nd place 
1993 Houston City Championship 1st place
1990 USCF Life Senior Master Title earned
1990 Southwest Open 1st place
1990 Houston City Championship 1st place
1988 USCF Senior Master Title earned
1985 USCF National Master  Title earned
1983 ACUI Championship-Team A&M-Region XII 1st place
1983 ACUI Championship-Individual-Region XII 1st place
1982 ACUI Championship- Individual- Region XII 2nd place
1981 ACUI Championship- Individual- Region XII 3rd place
1976 National High School Championship 3rd place

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After School Program

(310) 795-5710

LA Chess Club
11514 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Contact Us
  • 4 blocks West of 405 – SW corner of Santa Monica & Butler
  • 2nd floor (Barrington Bridge& Chess Club)
  • Free BoA and basement parking – from alley by the pharmacy

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