Please fill out and mail/email the LACC Application Form – below link - to our mailing address with payment by a check or credit card information (or by calling us with your CC info):

The Los Angeles Chess Club
P.O. Box 251774
Los Angeles, CA 90025

LACC Membership Application Form click here

Let the Royal Game unlock you and your loved one’s talents


Whether you’re a total beginner or have some experience playing as a casual player, or pursuing a competitive approach to chess, you will enjoy it all by signing up as a member first. An annual membership embraces this by giving individuals and families a chance to come back, again and again, throughout the year. An annual membership allows you to try out the most strategic game in history, enjoy our various classes (as a member, you can sit in any and all the classes), play casually and/or in USCF-sanctioned tournaments, or polish your skills at a faster pace utilizing our one-on-one private lessons at the club or offsite.
So, break out your calculators: It’s a terrific value. Our members enjoy chess books and equipment discounts, as well as other benefits and exclusive offers (free movie tickets, etc).


1.    FREE attendance to any and all 3 weekly classes
2.    FREE visitation rights ($10 per visit for non- LACC members)
3.    FREE casual games
4.    FREE first tournament with annual membership
5.    Right to borrow chess books and videos from the library
6.    Discount on tournament entry fees (1/3 off) and equipment purchases (20% discount).
7.    Q&A in person or via text or email
8.    Play in 10 tournaments and the 11th is FREE
9.    Play for FREE on your birthday!
10. Renew your USCF membership at discounted rates


  • REGULAR - This is best for individual adults (20+).
  • JUNIORS/ SENIORS – Best for individual Juniors (U20) or Seniors (65+).
  • FAMILY – Suitable for 2 or more members in a family.
  • LIFE – Best for individuals who prefer to make one payment for life.
  • FAMILY LIFE – One payment for the entire family.


  • BASIC         Covers 10 membership benefits
  • SILVER       Covers 10 membership benefits + 6 tournaments (1 free)
  • GOLD          Covers 10 membership benefits + 12 tournaments (2 free)
  • PLATINUM  Covers 10 membership benefits + 24 tournaments (4 free)


Membership Types PLATINUM (basic+24)  GOLD (basic+12) SILVER (basic+6) BASIC
(1 free annually)
Adult $715 $545 $445 $345/ $225/ 6 mo.
Junior/ Senior $695 $525 $425 $325/ $195/ 6 mo.
Family $1025 $845 $745 $645/ $375 6 mo.
Life $2,375 $2,195 $2,095 $2,000
Family Life $3,875 $3,695 $3,595 $3,500
Membership comparison
10 membership benefits - see club brochure V V V V
BASIC ==> Membership + 1 free tourney       V
SILVER==> Membership + 6 tourneys     V  
GOLD ==> Membership + 12 tourneys   V    
PLATINUM ==> Membership + 24 tourneys V      
Tournament Packages
  LACC members non-members
6 Tournaments $100 (LACC Memb) $160 (LACC Non-Memb)
12 Tournaments $200 (LACC Memb) $310 (LACC Non-Memb)
24 Tournaments $380 (LACC Memb) $600 (LACC Non-Memb)

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After School Program

(310) 795-5710

LA Chess Club
11514 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Contact Us
  • 4 blocks West of 405 – SW corner of Santa Monica & Butler
  • 2nd floor (Barrington Bridge& Chess Club)
  • Free BoA and basement parking – from alley by the pharmacy

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